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*** Lockdown wala Childhood ***

Pretty much like last year, I am sure capable to entertain & get entertain by my almost threenager.

But this time around we are more into learning & developing phase which means I need to keep him engaged constructively most of the times.

Sharing all the resources through which I intend to create a memorable lockdown wala childhood while staying indoors & refraining from maximum screentime.

👉 Musical Instruments – Kids love music & if they get proper instruments to create it becomes win win situation. Example – Drums, flute, mouth organ, piano, guitar etc.

👉 Physical Movement Toys/games – No doubt they don’t sit in one place for long but some toys/games that will involve focus, aim & a feeling of completing the task is great. Example – Ring toss, Stacking Cones, Skipping, Hurdle race etc

👉 Pretend Plays – Kids love playing alone at times & pretend play just gives them the opportunity to do so. Here, I am talking about the unusual pretend plays that doesn’t need expensive toys. Example – Play tent out of bedsheets, Feeding/Washing Animals Figurines, Kitchen Activities, Pretend Travel dress up, Cars etc

👉 Spiritual Readiness – To lay a Spiritual foundation of faith through small prayers, shloka’s by daily reciting/listening to them through Audio’s, Flashcards, Activities. Example – Kids Carvaan, Navkar Mantra Machine etc.

👉 Activities & Learning Binders – Lot of Phonic Alphabets & Numbers Activities to be followed by using Worksheets, Binders, Tracing, Chalkboard, counting anything anywhere, building new vocabulary through normal conversations etc.

So yes that’s what I plan to do anything more suggestions are welcome in comments section.


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