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*** Introduction to Senses ***

Senses are the basic organs that help us function better & also an important concept to be Introduced to toddlers.

I have been waiting for the right time so my child could understand & respond to what I exactly want him to experience while teaching about senses.

Picking one Sensory organ a day started with ‘Ears’ combined with Sound/Hearing Activities.

Things you will need from around the house:~

👂Empty Bottles/Containers.
👂Beads/water/rice/coins/bells/seeds etc.
👂Ear Muffs (Optional)

Now ask your child to shake the bottles one by one & listen to different sound it creates. Talk about how the Ears help us hear the sounds.

To make it more interesting you can make them wear ear muffs & again ask to shake & hear the sounds would not be that clear or loud. After removing it how the sound is clear again.

We did a small sticking Activity as well about things that make sounds & how we hear them often.

If you like our activity set up & are reading till now here’s a small give back to you in form of the printables that we used.

All you need to do is share this post in your stories tag us & leave some meaningful comment/Tag your mom friends to follow us… on this post that’s it & wait for our revert.

Stay tuned for the reel fun we had today.


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