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*** Touch & Feel Activities ***

Super interesting way to enlighten them with different textures & their names.

All you need for this Activities ~

👉 Smooth – Feathers/balloons
👉 Soft – Cottons/Pom-Poms
👉 Rough – Candy stick/Glitter Paper
👉 Hard – Jenga Block/Pebbles
👉 Bumpy – Bubble Wraps/Bead Stickers

Place them in a tray & let them touch it on their or your hands & understand the difference in each touch.

Next in line we did a hands on activity making our own Texture Sticks by sticking the same materials on popsicle sticks you can also make a hand cutout & stick on each fingers.

Lastly, Sticked cutouts of more different objects that we can touch & feel.

Do watch the fun reel & try with your kids.


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