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*** Touch & Feel Sense ***

Young Babies and toddlers are experiencing their world through their senses from the moment they are born.

The sense of touch will be developed naturally as they start to explore everything from their own clothes, to the toys in their environment. 

The sense of touch is probably the sense  used most often. 

Touch sensations we feel can include soft, hard, smooth, rough, hot, cold, pressure, pain, tickle, itch, vibration, sticky, slimy, wet, dry, etc. 

When there’s a tactile sensory experience connected to movement, the brain makes more connections and more easily retains that information.

It’s through the sense of touch that children will further learn about the things in their environment. It will help them discover different shapes, textures, and temperatures.

Swipe left to see an easy touch & feel activity for more details  do checkout our previous post in this series.

For older toddlers you can use blindfold & let them guess how it feels. You can as well do this activity by collecting different materials of toys – Soft toys, Hard wooden toys, Slime, Playdoh, Sand etc

Stay hooked as we explore next in line sense.


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