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*** Touch & Feel Senses ***

Usually our kids keep exploring different textures through various sensory activities like – Water, Sand, Playdoh, Rice etc.

But what they miss on is knowing what that texture is named as this particular activity will enlighten them with what is called as Soft, Hard, Bumpy, Rough & Smooth.

A small touch & feel activity set up where the child can touch & feel the different kind of the materials.

Next we tried making our Texture Sticks with Sticking small pieces of each materials on popsicle sticks and again named them as per how they feel when touched.

Last but not the least did our sticking worksheet where he got to know more about different things & how they feel when touched like Scissors- Sharp , Ice-cubes – Cold, Cactus Plant- Pricky etc.

Stay tuned for the reel on following activities.

Do try with your Little ones & have fun.


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