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*** Life Lessons Learnt ***

You’re always clueless & uncertain when you start something but with time you shall find your purpose be it blogging or small business.

People will have eyes on you, may feel you’re doing timepass or won’t take you & your work seriously.

And this very reason will give you the purpose to thrive in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

It does take courage & passion to do something for yourself while catering to your other roles as a wife, mother & daughter in law – 24*7.

Keep learning, working & evolving in areas you don’t know much talk to people, find your way & get the work done.

Right people & Right opportunities will come to you as your work starts speaking for itself.

Know that you’re worth it & stay humble with all the opportunities that let’s you grow in little ways.

Make connections heart to heart even if you don’t receive the same in return be it virtual platform or in real.

Most importantly ‘Value your Work & let your Work Add Value to someone’.

This post will definitely serve as a reminder for me & anyone who needs some motivation to start or keep going in whatever best suits them in life.


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