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*** Happy Mahavir Janm Kalyanak ***

Mahavir Jayanti also known as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak is one of the most important religious festivals in Jainism. It is believed that when Lord Mahavira was in the womb of his mother Trishla, she had fourteen auspicious dreams symbolizing the birth of a Thirthankara her child. It is also said that when Lord Mahavira was in the… Continue reading *** Happy Mahavir Janm Kalyanak ***

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*** Jai Hind 🇮🇳 ***

Such a pleasant & proud morning as we went to cheer his sister for her Republic day Flashmob performance & to our surprise this boy joined them with full energy. I thought he’s still not ready for dance and all but he just amazed everyone around by his charm and lively participation with other older… Continue reading *** Jai Hind 🇮🇳 ***

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*** Kite Flying lessons ***

Some snippets from his kite flying experience. I love how he’s grown up every year from tearing apart the kites to just posing with them to holding the manjha & now also trying to fly his own kite. Now a day’s kite flying isn’t much encouraged in the city due to many reasons. I am… Continue reading *** Kite Flying lessons ***

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*** Merry things to do over Christmas ***

The most joyful of all the festivals & the most enjoyed among all kids is Christmas. Sharing few things to do over christmas with your kids & family – ☃️ Family Bonding – From the time you begin to think about christmas is all about bonding with your kids & family over different activities, decor,… Continue reading *** Merry things to do over Christmas ***

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*** Easy Christmas Activities ***

Ho ho ho… Holaa since this month has started we have been upto doing some or the other activities related to christmas so I thought why not put them together for you guys. Sharing some of the various activities:- 🎄 Popsicle + Pipecleaner X’mas Tree – Very basic & simply diy stick the popsicle sticks… Continue reading *** Easy Christmas Activities ***

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*** Diwali Portraits ***

I love taking family portraits on festivals but with toddlers it is a difficult task. I have already left hopes for sharav to pose but we try sometimes and you never know when you get a good candid shot so keep trying. All we could manage this year was these few captures from the diwali… Continue reading *** Diwali Portraits ***

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*** Little Joys of Diwali ***

After all the hush hush and celebrations would like to take a minute and recollect all the little joys gained & spreaded. 💕 We all recovered in time for diwali the first & foremost thing that makes it a special one & calls for celebration. 💕 It gave immense happiness to buy decor items &… Continue reading *** Little Joys of Diwali ***

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*** Happy Children’s Day ***

Not a single day goes by being a child with you my son. You have filled our hearts & lives with your charm & love. I can see your kind heart in everything you do with so much care. It feels like sometimes you’re raising us into more beautiful persons we can be in this… Continue reading *** Happy Children’s Day ***

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*** Happy Diwali ***

May this Diwali we all be more grateful for all the highs & lows  we have been through this year. Strength & Love to everyone who have lost someone this year due to the dreadful disease. Cheer & Love to everyone who have achieved or started something new this year. More power to all the… Continue reading *** Happy Diwali ***

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*** Diwali Props + Saree ***

Every year, I dress up only when we actually do the pooja and end up getting only few clicks because with kids around you hardly get any time to click properly after the rituals. So this year, a thought came why not do a  proper shoot with props & dressing up game. It was a… Continue reading *** Diwali Props + Saree ***