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*** Introduction to Senses ***

Senses are the basic organs that help us function better & also an important concept to be Introduced to toddlers. I have been waiting for the right time so my child could understand & respond to what I exactly want him to experience while teaching about senses. Picking one Sensory organ a day started with… Continue reading *** Introduction to Senses ***

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*** Tissue Magic Art ***

This is a very famous activity inspired by pinterest & when our school also posted about it we were more than excited to try this art. All you need ~ 👉 Thick Tissue Paper👉 Brush pens/Sketch Pens👉 Water👉 Glass & Tray Toddler’s love to explore & experiment this seemed a perfect activity to let them… Continue reading *** Tissue Magic Art ***

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*** Milking the Cow ***

An Invitation to Play Activity set up on milking the cows followed with conversations around dairy products & be thankful to cow’s for providing abundance of milk for everyone. Quick & Easy to set up all you need :- 👉 White/Pink Gloves👉 Black marker/sketchpen👉 Water👉 White paint While doing the activity kids work on their… Continue reading *** Milking the Cow ***

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*** Lockdown wala Childhood ***

Pretty much like last year, I am sure capable to entertain & get entertain by my almost threenager. But this time around we are more into learning & developing phase which means I need to keep him engaged constructively most of the times. Sharing all the resources through which I intend to create a memorable… Continue reading *** Lockdown wala Childhood ***

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*** Too much to Handle ***

Another no lockdown but lockdown scenario in the city & unfortunately all my plans to explore more places this summer with my son has been crashed. I feel lost already with this scenario & the amount of time my child is spending indoors with gadgets convieniently consuming his childhood most of the times is saddening.… Continue reading *** Too much to Handle ***

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*** Behind the Scenes ***

A little intro for all those who are new to my blog. Firstly, thank you for following this page it means a lot to me. I created this page back in Aug 2018 to document & share my experiences as a new mother. After being on & off the gram for 2years it’s only last… Continue reading *** Behind the Scenes ***

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*** Blogging My Choosen Path ***

Blogging is my choosen path to keep myself occupied, create & share about my experiences & turn few ideas into reality with my child. While this platform does give me the liberty to choose what & how I share things. It also comes with a public domain where I sometimes restrict myself from sharing certain… Continue reading *** Blogging My Choosen Path ***

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*** Nature’s Playdate ***

Summer is here & so we craved for some nature play also we visited the garden after a whole pandemic year. Today’s playdate was a little different as we soaked into nature’s lap in the morning. We ditched going to usual garden with slides rather we just went & explored the freedom of doing things… Continue reading *** Nature’s Playdate ***

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*** World Story Telling Day ***

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. Now who better than mother’s know to narrate & make stories with their children in so many different ways. You may not have learnt it earlier but I believe after motherhood you willingly put expressions to every thought or story or value that your… Continue reading *** World Story Telling Day ***

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*** A Lifetime of Challenging Goal ***

Amazed at how cute & innocent my lifetime goal looks at the moment. After motherhood not a day goes by worrying or caring for the human you created in this lifetime. I am sure with time he would need me less or I may give him less time but he’ll always be my constant &… Continue reading *** A Lifetime of Challenging Goal ***